Four Types of learning styles

Four Types of learning styles that you should know

To help your student learn every subject effectively, you need to plan your lesson correctly. Good teaching plans help the process of learning run smoothly. In this case, teachers should understand the different type of learning style. The different learning style requires different teaching strategies and instruction. To create a good teaching plan, you should consider what kind of learning style that your student has.

Four Types of learning styles

Four Types of learning styles

The student learns the subject or lesson differently. Different learning styles are recognized widely both in educational theory in general or in classroom management theory. Learning style often associated with the preferences of the student on how they absorb, process comprehend and finally retain information they have received

Many factors affect student learning style. Emotional, environment and cognitive are few examples that affect student learning styles. The VARK (Visual, Auditory, reading preferences and kinesthetic) is a method to help teachers to apply teaching strategies to suit student different learning styles.

  1. Visual

A student with visual learning style prefers to learn and absorb any subject that presented in the chart, graphs. Maps, diagram, etc. Visual learner can learn fast using images presented. Surprising enough, videos and pictures are not included. This kind of learner easily absorbs information given with shapes and pattern instead of spoken or written words. For effective teaching process, the teacher can use skills,  graphic organizer and flowchart.

  1. Auditory

For the student with auditory learning style they love to learn and absorb information when the information is spoken or heard. In this case, the student will get advantages from group discussion and lecture. This particulars student will speak first before they short out the ideas that they have. To deal with students who have auditory learning style, the teacher can post their audio recording of the lessons on the schools/class website.

  1. Reading/Writing Preference

Students who have a reading/writing learning style prefer lesson to be presented written or using words. This particular student performs better on a written assignment like a book report or a story. This is because they love to read and write. To help this student learn effectively, the teacher can ask the student to describe a chart or diagram with their own written statement. Letter on, they can study their note for better information retention.

Four Types of learning styles

Four Types of learning styles

  1. Kinesthetic

For the student who connects more to the reality, they tend to have the Kinaesthetic learning style. The student with a kinesthetic learning style uses tactile experience or carrying our physical activity to absorb and apply the new information given. To help them learn effectively, the teacher can provide the student with process or working example of ideas of the certain project.