Common Teaching Method

Common Teaching Method in Elementary School

There is no doubt that teaching in elementary schools is a taught job, but at the same time, this job is really rewarding. Your ideas and passion for teaching will help young student to study a new subject that they never heard off. To facilities student learning activity effectively, you have to choose different teaching style that suit to the student of your charge. The student comes from different ethnicities, communities’ religious backgrounds that have different preferences in learning. The professional teacher should know the strength and the weakness of each student. Therefore the teacher should combine various teaching method to meet all student needs. Today we are going to discuss on common teaching method in elementary schools.

Common Teaching Method

Common Teaching Method


Many teachers believe that demonstration is a good method of teaching to help students to comprehend various subjects. To accomplish demonstration teaching method student should showing things rather than just telling. This can be achieved by a projector or any other mean of visualization to attract student attention. Just like other teaching method elementary students require guide practice from the teacher. Once you fell that student is confident enough, they can practice by them self.


Unlike on adult students, elementary school student learns better on hands-on activities.  For example, the student will have difficulty understanding the basic concept of multiplication and situs judi online if the teacher explains them. However, when you start implements multiplication into the real action, your students will understand the subject quickly and try to remember how they work correctly.

The traditional lecture

Traditional lecture style is a standard and formal teaching style that has been used b many teachers from all over the world. In this teaching style man often student should take a note on the information given. This particular teaching style is suitable before student going receive test or examination. However, the teacher should be aware with a student who has a visual learning style who loves to see rather than listen.


To improve communication skills and problem-solving teacher can used collaboration method teaching skills. This method allows the student to work with another student to finish the task given. However, for better result discussion should follow with a discussion of a group so that student can compare their finding perception of the subject.

Common Teaching Method

Common Teaching Method


As we all know that hand-off teaching style is teaching a style that includes minimal instructions. In this case, the teacher should let the students study independently rather than telling the student what to do.