Things to do in College

5 Things to do in College to Help You Get Hired after Graduation

More and more surveys amongst employers and companies have shown that the most significant factor in hiring is educational requirements for graduates.  Yet still, finding their very first job will not be that easy.  Especially for graduates who happen to look for jobs once they graduate.

Sadly, most graduates can’t find jobs right away because they spend looking for jobs right after graduation.  The reason is, as another hiring requirements, most employers prioritized fresh graduates with experience and rejected those who do not have enough preparation before hand.

Things to do in College

Things to do in College

So, to prevent this from happening, 5 things you should do while still in college to help you get hired after graduation:

Start Now, Do Not Delay

Your professional career life actually starts as soon as you enter college, not after graduating.  So, do not delay your preparation.  Instead, look for opportunities before you graduate.  This will give you more time to acquire more experience in the industry you want to enter.  What you can do is:

  • Look for work related jobs in your field
  • Do volunteer or internships
  • Do a work study program offered by your college or university

 Expand Your Knowledge and Skills

You need to take other classes to expand your knowledge and skills, outside your own field.  Some business classes are usually good to take.  Or maybe some science classes, kiu kiu arts from and even typing classes.  These are the types of skills that can be used in any field.

Things to do in College

Things to do in College

Thus, employers tend to hire graduates with the ability to do diverse things at work.  For example, taking business classes to understand marketability.  Art classes to boost creativity.  Science classes like mathematics to understand some basic maths and formulas.  Or typing classes to learn some basic typing skills.

 Up-to-Date with Industry Trends and Technology

You also need to be up-to-date with the trends that’s been going on in your field and with technology.  This is useful to look a closer look with what’s going on in your career or maybe any changes or news update related to your field of study.

 Do Internships

Doing internships during your first two years of college.  This is a good thing since it will help you prepare your entry-level career.  You can either intern in a small company or at a local medium or small companies, all related to your field.

 Build Your Resume

Last but not least, start building your own resume before you graduate.  As you go along the way doing your degree, you must have done hours and hours of work related things.  You may have done internships and doing a job in your field.

In your resume, update what you did yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Whether you got paid or unpaid, or maybe you received an award are all worth including in your resume.

Start building your professional career path soon.  Because, it takes an amount of time and effort to get to where you are going, to start entering the work field.  Hence, to do an effective job search for your professional career life, needs years of planning.